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Relationships Matter

HPBGO and Phone Operators Put Customers and Community First!

At High Plains Bank, which is employee owned and community driven, relationships are at the center of how and why we do business. We like to say that we’re “a different kind of bank” with a special commitment to high touch and personalized customer service. This philosophy extends to every aspect of our bank, whether you’re in contact with us in person, online, by chat, or on the phone. 

“We are in the relationship building business,” explains Brian Otteman, Chief Experience Officer and Flagler native. “While we continue to build the banking framework that empowers you to do as much banking and financial management for yourself as possible, we are also finding ways to make banking a human experience. We are prepared to assist you through secure chat in HPBGO, on the phone, or in person when you need us.”

Speak with a Real High Plains Bank Employee

When you phone us, or start a HPBGO secure chat conversation, we believe it is important you speak to a real person who is a High Plains Bank employee. The team members who work in our branches can get very busy and it can be challenging to serve the customer standing in front of them and answer phones at the same time. Team members in all five of our branch communities can support our branch staff when they get busy. We do not use a call center. 

We’d love to introduce you to a few of the incredible HPBGO chat and phone support team members who exemplify High Plains Bank’s compassionate problem solving, customer empowerment, and outstanding customer service. 

Our team aims to assist you as soon as possible M-F, 8:30AM-4:30PM through HPBGO secure chat, by phone at 800-984-0010, in person, or online. Our team of compassionate problems solvers are here to help!