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Frequently Asked Questions

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Click "Forgot Password" and follow prompts. You will need your account number. Learn how to reset your password.

In the  HPBGO Mobile App, click the menu button in the top left corner, then click your name at the bottom of the menu, Settings, then Security.  

In the HPBGO Browser application, click the profile button in the top right corner, then Settings and Security.

Your username / password combination is your primary authentication method. A passcode allows you quicker access through the HPBGO Mobile App only, and is used if your phone does not have a supported biometric login method, or you have chosen not to use it. It also gets used if biometric login is not working on your device. Learn more about passcodes.
Yes. The passcode only works on the device which it was created on, and only from within the HPBGO Mobile App. Additionally, it expires after several failed login attempts. Learn more about passcodes.
This is a matter of preference. If your phone supports it, a biometric login is a secure way to easily get logged into the HPBGO Mobile App. Learn more about biometric logins.
2-Factor Authentication is an important security tool for ensuring identities do not fall victim to account compromise. HPBGO utilizes many forms of authentication to help you secure your data. Learn more about 2-factor authentication.
If your debit card is lost or stolen, please call 1-800-984-0010, 24 hours 7 days a week.
The HPBGO Desktop application allows you to remove a device from your account, disabling its passcode and biometric login. Learn more about removing a device.
Currently, stop payments can only be placed through the HPBGO Browser application, it cannot be completed in the HPBGO Mobile App. Click on the account needing a stop payment, and then click on "Stop Payment".
Yes you can, through the HPBGO Mobile App. There is an approval process, so go request access today. Click “Menu” in upper left corner, and "Deposit check". More information available on our Mobile Deposit tutorial page.
Simply start a conversation inside of HPBGO (message feature) to request the transfer.  We will get it completed for you as quickly as possible.
Fee free ATMs are easy to find in any city.  Just click the "Locations" link in the HPBGO Mobile App or visit the Locations page on our website.
The HPBGO Browser application supports Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. 
Yes.  From your mobile device, visit, and login as usual.
In the HPBGO Mobile App and the HPBGO Browser application, from the landing page, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click "Organize Dashboard". Click and hold the tiles and drag to the position you'd like it to be. Then release the tile.
You are automatically logged out when you close the app, or when you switch between apps. You will need to re-authenticate when you go back to HPBGO.  Usually, it's just a fingerprint or smile away!
This option allows you to view balances and transactions for accounts at other institutions through HPBGO. The list of institutions available for connection is limited, but always growing.  Check back if it's not there today.
This option allows you to send and receive money from other institutions.