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Your business never stops. With HPBGO Digital Banking, your banking won't either.

HPBGO Digital Banking is your comprehensive solution for all your online and mobile banking needs. From our intuitive online banking platform to HPBGO, our best-in-class digital banking app, we're dedicated to empowering you to efficiently manage your business finances no matter where your business takes you. Whether you're making deposits, providing your bookkeeper limited account access, or securely chatting with a member of our HPBGO team, we've got you covered with a wide array of features and capabilities.

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Access business accounts and tools all in one place - your mobile device!
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Mobile Deposit / Remote Deposit Capture
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Transfer Funds
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Secure chat with HPBGO team members
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Electronic Statements

Your business never stops. With HPBGO Digital Banking, you don't have to. 

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HPBGO Banca Digital En Español

¡HPBGO Digital Banking (Banca Digital) ya está disponible en Español!

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One of the best aspects of working with High Plains Bank, in addition to the outstanding customer service, are the many features of HPBGO, including live chat and the ability to download e-statements. As a community bank, High Plains helps the community get to know each other. Great people!

- Sukhi Kaur, owner Flavor of India

Enrolling in HPBGO Digital Banking is fast and easy. 

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