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High Plains Bank offers all the online and mobile banking tools you have come to expect. From our online banking, to HPBGO, our best-in-class digital banking app, we are committed to helping you manage your personal finances, whether accessing your accounts on the go, linking accounts, transferring funds, securely chatting with a HPBGO team member, and so much more. 

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"HPBGO Conversations is a quick and easy way to get my questions answered at the touch of a button from any device. I do not have to remember to 'call tomorrow' or 'call on Monday' because I can send my question when I am thinking about it. The responses are timely, friendly, and helpful, and bonus, they are always from an actual person at the bank. It is like texting my mom!"

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HPBGO Banca Digital En Español

¡HPBGO Digital Banking (Banca Digital) ya está disponible en Español!

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Access your account all in one place - your mobile device!
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Make Mobile Deposits on the go!
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Transfer Funds
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Link Accounts
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Chat securely with a HPBGO team members

Make the most of HPBGO Digital Banking. 

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