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Receive Payments

We Make Receiving Funds Fast, Simple, and Secure

Operating your business requires constant cash flow management, especially with incoming payments. At High Plains Bank, we simplify and secure this process, giving you the confidence that you have the necessary funds to keep your business running and growing. With tools like Mobile and Remote Deposit through HPBGO Digital Banking, Merchant Services, Reverse Positive Pay, and more, we can rest assured that we've got all you (and your business) covered.
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Mobile and Remote Deposits

With HPBGO Mobile and Remote Deposit, you have the power to deposit funds into your business accounts anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on the move or at your desk, these tools are powerful, simple to use, and convenient. High Plains Bank offers robust and scalable mobile deposit options tailored to businesses of all sizes. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to the bank and say hello to our safe, secure, and no cost deposit solutions.

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Merchant Services with Craft Financial Group

High Plains Bank is proud to announce the establishment of its new affiliate company, Craft Financial Group. Craft Financial Group's goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of merchant and payment processing solutions for small businesses. 

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HPBGO Digital Banking

We know your business never stops. Neither should your banking! Whether you're making deposits, providing your bookkeeper limited account access, or securely chatting with a member of our HPBGO team, HPBGO Digital Banking has got you covered with a wide array of features and capabilities.

Reduce Payment Fraud

With Reverse Positive Pay, we add an extra layer of payment fraud protection for your business. Reverse positive pay is a fraud mitigation service that allows businesses to monitor their own checks. The business can review and decide whether to pay or return the checks.

Pay Invoices with Autobooks4

Do you have a side gig or a micro-business? Want to spend more time doing what you love to do and less time on invoicing and waiting to be paid? Autobooks is an easy way to send an invoice and get paid directly and quickly — all from your HPBGO bank account!

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4 Autobooks Basic has no monthly maintenance or service fee. Transaction fees will apply upon receipt of payment. Autobooks Premium can be purchased for $9.99 per month, which includes full payables, accounting, and reporting package and capabilities.