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Fee Schedule

We Like to Keep Things Simple. Like Our Fees. 

Fee Schedule 

This fee schedule shows fees that may be associated with your account. Not all fees will apply.

Fees Schedule Amount

Account Fees1

Overdraft Item Charge2,3
A payment you make is paid creating an overdraft, instead of returned
Each Paid Item $35
Dormant Fee (after 12 months of inactivity) Monthly $10

Wire Fees

Wire Initiation Fee (Outgoing/Domestic) Each $25
Wire Initiation Fee (Outgoing/International)  Each $50

Cash Flow Management Service Fees

ACH Collections Fee  Monthly $50
ACH Payments Fee  Monthly $30

Safe Deposit Box Fees4

 Rental Payment (varies by box size) Yearly $15-$75
Late Payment Fee (imposed at 30 days late) One Time $10
Lost Key Fee Per Loss $100

Fees Related to Judicial Orders

Garnishments/Levies Fee Each $100
Subpoena Research Fee Per Hour $100

1 Check Printing: Third Party check printing is at the customer's expense.

2 Fee applies to overdrafts created by debits, such as: check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.  

3 Daily cap of $175 for total overdraft fees, per account. 

4 Safe Deposit Box: Third party drilling cost is at the customer's expense. 

Fees High Plains Bank Does Not Charge

Tired of fees that don't make sense? Switch to a bank that does not charge them. Here are some typical fees many institutions charge that High Plains Bank does not.

Fee Description Typical Fees HPB

Account Fees

Return Item (per item)
A payment you make is returned, instead of paid on overdraft.
~$30 FREE
Continuous Overdraft (per day)
A fee charged after so many days that your account is continuously overdrawn.
~$8 FREE
Monthly Service Charge
Based on some minimum balance requirement.
~$5 FREE

Transaction Fees

Stop Payment (per request) ~$25 FREE
ATM Withdrawal Fee ~$2 No Charge5,6
Transfer Fee, Automatic Sweeps (per sweep) ~$5 FREE
Telephone Transfer (per transfer)
A transfer conducted on your behalf by a bank employee over the phone.
~$2 FREE
Incoming Wire Fee
A wire sent to your account on behalf by a bank employee over the phone
~$10 FREE
Return of Deposited Item (per item)
For example, if someone bounces a check written to you.
~$10 FREE
Cashier's Check (per item) ~$10 FREE

Debit Card Fees

Debit Card Replacement (per card)  ~$10 FREE
Debit Card Annual Fee (yearly) ~$10 FREE

Service Fees

Counter or Temporary Checks (per sheet) ~$1 FREE
Paper Statement (per month)
If you choose to get paper statements, instead of electronic statements.
~$3 FREE
Additional/Duplicate Paper Statement ~$6 FREE
5 High Plains Bank does not charge a fee to use any ATM.
6 The ATM owner may assess a charge for ATM usage. See for nationwide fee-free ATM locations.