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Removing a Device

Secure Your Account

The HPBGO security system helps keep your information safe by allowing you to remove a device from your account.

No account information is stored in HPBGO on your device. These actions remove information about the device from the HPBGO server, disabling the passcode. Any subsequent login attempts to your account from this device will require a username and password, and the added device will need to be confirmed through a 2-factor verification code.

Mobile Instructions

Getting rid of your device? You can remove it from your HPBGO account from within the mobile application on that device.

  1. Login to HPBGO Mobile

  2. Go to Settings -> Remove profile

  3. Click Remove profile

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HPBGO remove profile screenshot
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HPBGO recently used devices screenshot

Online Instructions

Is your device lost or stolen? You can remove it from your HPBGO account from within Online Banking.

  1. Login to HPBGO

  2. Click on your profile name in the upper right corner

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Security (left navigation bar)

  5. Under the "Recently used devices" section, click "Remove" on the device you would like to remove