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Saving Account Options

Choosing a savings account does not have to be complicated. To determine the right product for you, consider when you anticipate needing the funds, the balance you expect to maintain in the account, and what the funds will be used for.


  • Build habits to set money aside for upcoming needs

  • Give your accounts names to reach your goals - e.g. vacation, new car, taxes, etc.

  • No minimum balance or maintenance fees

Money Market

  • Money Markets are structured by tiers and earn more interest by maintaining higher balances

  • Obtain a debit card (plastic or mobile wallet) or purchase checks to access funds

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

  • Open a CD with just $250

  • Unlike many banks, HPB allows you to add on to your principal balance at any time (personal CDs only)

  • Earn more interest than a typical savings account for funds you may not need right away

  • Choose between 6, 12, 24, or 36 months

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • You are eligible for this product if you are covered by a high deductible health plan

  • Earn higher than normal interest on your HSA balance

  • Pay no maintenance fees

  • Money can be used to pay for qualified health care expenses

  • Obtain a debit card (plastic or mobile wallet), to make payments easy

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"We have simplified our checking and savings accounts to offer only our best products. Features include minimal opening and ongoing balance requirements, free customized debit cards, a nationwide fee-free ATM network and no maintenance fees!

We also allow individual CD customers to add to their initial deposit at any time to help grow their savings and earn more interest over time."

Michelle Hovdesven

HPB Team Member


Banking is About Something More

Our priorities are different from many banks. We put family and community first. If that’s like you, High Plains Bank is your Bank.

Our Story

Savings Accounts Regular Savings Money Market Certificate of Deposit HSA
Minimum Opening $25 $25 $250 $50
Monthly Service $0 $0 $0 $0
Interest Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Features N/A

Debit Card Available

APY increase on higher balances

Add on to  principal balance at any time

Debit Card Available

For qualified health care expenses only

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"I personally love the HPBGO Conversations feature! It is such an easy, secure way for us to reach out to our customers who we know are busy living life! It's also a great way for our customers to reach us. Someone will start assisting them as soon as they send a message, no phone tag involved."

Lindsey Skinner
HPB Processing

Account Services

HPBGO Mobile Deposit

  • Use your smartphone to deposit small and large dollar checks to your accounts

  • No daily or monthly limits

  • View check images with HPBGO digital banking

Digital Banking

  • Access your accounts digitally anytime from anywhere at no charge

  • Have secure conversations with a team member during business hours

Short Term Savings Accounts

Our HPBU Financial Education Center is a great resource for more information about types of savings accounts. Visit the center by clicking the links to the left to determine which account is the best fit for your needs.

Emergency Savings

When things are going well, emergency savings can seem unimportant. But you don’t want to be caught unprepared when the unexpected hits! Click the link to learn more on why you should save for emergencies, how much to save, and how to make a plan to get started.