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Mobile Wallet

We support mobile wallet products!

Many retailers today accept payment using mobile wallet, eliminating the need to carry bulky wallets. Adding your debit card to your phone or device is fast and easy. Using your mobile wallet offers enhanced security and convenience. 

Start using your mobile wallet today

  1. Add your High Plains Bank personal, business, or health savings account debit cards to your mobile wallet. Most phones include the app.

  2. Pay in-store with your mobile device where you see the pay icon.  Click, glance, or touch and hold your device near the reader to pay.

  3. Pay for online purchases with your mobile wallet. It is safe, secure, and simple.

Why mobile wallets?

Enhanced Security

A mobile wallet provides you with an extra layer of security. When you add your High Plains Bank debit card to your mobile wallet, the card number is not stored on the device nor in the wallet. It is not even shared with the merchant. Instead, the merchant receives a one-time use token for each transaction. All mobile wallet payments must also be authenticated by your phone using your fingerprint, face scan, or a passcode.

More Convenient

All you need is your phone. No more handling cash nor carrying around all your cards and a bulky wallet. It's an easier, safer, cleaner way to pay.

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Click on your device icon below to learn how to upload and use your cards to optimize your wallet experience.

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