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The High Plains Bank Story

116 Years of Friendly, Community-Centered Banking

Our story began in 1908 in Flagler, a small agricultural community on the Colorado Eastern Plains, as the Flagler State Bank. In 1920, we became The First National Bank of Flagler and in 2003, after opening a location in Bennett and purchasing a location in Wiggins, we changed our name to High Plains Bank.
Our branch locations expanded to Longmont in 2013,  Keenesburg in 2021, and the 385 Main Street historic building in Longmont in 2024, which houses our Trust, Estate, and Investment Services, as well as our Loan Department. We also launched our first affiliate, Craft Financial Group, which provides a comprehensive suite of merchant and payment solutions for small businesses. We are also very proud of our best-in-class HPBGO Digital Banking App, designed to simplify and streamline the banking experience, and available in Spanish

High Plains Bank has been committed to supporting the vitality of our communities from the moment we opened our doors. Our first goal is to make a lasting impact while empowering people to manage their financial moments of need and life events. As a family and employee-owned independent community bank, we place the highest value on lasting relationships. 
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Banking That’s About Something More: It's Personal

What if you found a bank that is about something more? One that covered all the 'givens' and also is about relationships. At High Plains Bank, banking is about something more. We are grounded in a philosophy and a history that few other financial institutions share. High Plains Bank is a community bank. A local bank. It’s family-run, employee-owned, and deeply connected to the families, individuals, and businesses it serves. Because if you think about it, banking is pretty simple; it’s just math, and pretty basic math at that. And like any other bank out there, we have that part covered. 

The Role of the Local Bank in the Lives of People in the Community

At High Plains Bank, we focus on our customers’ real-life needs and go beyond the standard transactions. When people contact us, they have a need. Perhaps they have a dream they are hoping to pursue. Or need a safe place to keep assets during a life transition. It may be they have an unexpected repair, or they are having trouble keeping up with their payments. Or, perhaps they just need customer support they know they can rely on in good times and bad. Whatever the reason, we are here to compassionately help our customers solve problems. 
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Empowering our Customers

We’re here to be compassionate listeners, to empower our customers by providing them with the financial strategies and banking solutions that support their lives, their families, their businesses, their dreams, and their futures. We do all of this while staying current with industry trends and services. We are nimble, innovative, and responsive, and our technology is on par with the corporate banks. We continually invest in improving our digital products and services; we have state-of-the-art online banking, cash management, and business tools; and are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and anticipate their needs. And, most importantly, we never forget our true purpose.

Helping Communities Thrive

At High Plains, we say family first, then community, then the bank. This has been our vision for day one. 

For us, banking is how we serve local communities to grow and thrive. Like the hardware store around the corner, the clinic down the street, or the restaurant across the way, we each play a vital part in making this our home. When we see the connections between one another and acknowledge that each of us contributes to and enhances our community in immeasurable ways, then we can truly be successful. 

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