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Recognizing the Red Flags

Scammers find creative ways to capture your attention, hoping to fool you into actions you will later regret. The scam starts with promises of romance or lottery winnings, posing as a familiar business, friends or relatives, investment or property managers who have a great opportunity for you. 

The most common ways scammers try to communicate with you are through fake emails, text messages, phone calls, computer pop-ups, and social media messages. Sometimes, scammers will even show up at your doorstep unexpectedly. In any case, the scammer will try anything to get you to respond emotionally. 

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Be On Alert When the Scammer’s Story:  

  • Creates a sense of urgency, specifically for you to send money:
    • A loved one is in trouble, you need to send bail or cover a hospital bill.
    • A loved one needs immediate money for a home down payment to avoid losing their financing.
  • Makes you feel helpless, motivating you to give up your personal information, including login credentials, PIN’s, social security numbers and bank account numbers.
  • Requires you to send money in unusual ways, such as through gift cards or crypto currency.
  • Offers you a “get rich quick” opportunity or valuable free gift, in exchange for a donation.
  • Asks you to open an account in your name on the scammers’ behalf, offering you compensation if you send them the login credentials.

Be On Alert for Relationships that Don't Feel Right

Sophisticated scams sometimes groom victims for a long time, building a false sense of trust and relationship. Be On Alert for relationships with people you don’t actually know well or haven’t met in person.

If you authorize a payment of any kind to a scammer, there is often little that can be done to recover your funds.

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What Action Should You Take? 

Pay attention to Red Flags. If you see any, your immediate action should be to contact High Plains Bank.  

There will never be any judgment from High Plains Bank. We know how easy it is to fall victim to these scams. If you feel uneasy, you should contact us immediately.