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Craft Financial Group

High Plains Bank Announces Affiliate Start-up Craft Financial Group

High Plains Bank is proud to announce the establishment of its new affiliate company, Craft Financial Group. Led by Chris McVay, former Chief Development Officer and Longmont Market President of High Plains Bank, Craft Financial Group aims to provide a comprehensive suite of merchant and payment processing solutions for small businesses. 

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Creative and Crafted Solutions

Craft Financial Group will also be offering specialized solutions such as loan packaging, placement services, profit improvement strategies, debt restructuring, and exit and succession planning. 

Chris McVay, the CEO of Craft Financial Group, expressed his commitment to finding creative and crafted solutions to address the unique challenges faced by small business owners. 

“I look at every customer relationship as being unique,” shares McVay. “The word ‘craft’ was specifically chosen when creating Craft Financial Group as it speaks to our mission, drive, and desire to find creative, ‘crafted,’ solutions. I’m energized to lead a team of experts who collectively bring years of serving local business communities."

Extending High Plains Bank's Reach

Officially launched on January 1, 2024, Craft Financial Group is set to make significant impact under the leadership of Chris McVay and the experienced team. John Creighton, High Plains Bank CEO, explained that he is "excited to be working with Chris and his staff in this new endeavor, which will allow us to extend our reach across even more geographies to help small businesses in unique ways." 

Creighton added, "this new affiliate relationship has also increased opportunities for our bank staff, as Chris' whole team consists of prior bank employees. We are fortunate to have a team of experienced people who are ready to expand High Plains Bank's impact beyond the bank."

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The Craft Financial Group Team includes:

  • Chris McVay, Chief Executive Officer
  • Brian Berry, Director of Merchant Services
  • Bonnie McKinney, Senior Account Specialist and Customer Support

Craft Financial Group’s website,, provides more information about the company’s talented team, and services offered.